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My good friends Patrick and Julie from Charmingwall are starting a new gallery project. It’s called the 6×6 Gallery, where all the pieces are 6 inches by 6 inches. It’s gonna open on Friday, Oct 2nd, from 6 – 8pm. It looks like an amazing gallery with so many different artists, it’s sure to be a fun event. I’ll definitely be there. Here is a pic of my contribution:


I saw a bunch of the other paintings, there are so many wonderful pieces. Katie says there’ll be a small puppet show as well, which is sure to be lots of fun. If you decide to come, say “Hello.”

Also, as if that weren’t enough, afterwards I’ll be celebrating my friend Charlie’s birthday. Charlie is the co-host of the IndieSpinnerRack podcast. He also has a small band called H2Awesome. They’ll be playing at Arlene’s Grocery at 10.


When I was growing up, Busta Rhymes was one of my favorite hip-hop artists. Earlier this summer, he came out with a new album–Back On My B.S. The single, If You Don’t Know, has already become my favorite song to come out in a long time. In my excitement, I drew a pic of Busta from the video. It took me a while to add color to it.


Also, here’s the video. And damn, it’s good.

Okay, I gotta admit, I’m pretty excited about the new Star Trek movie. I’m not a big J.J. Abrams fan, nor am I a big Star Trek fan, but from the new trailer, it looks like the new movie could be a really solid space epic. And of course, the reviews have been extremely favorable across the board.

I had some free time at the end of the day yesterday and found myself sketching Star Trek pics. I decided to mix together two of my favorite publicity shots.


Here’s what I ended up with:


I really wanted to feel of the classic Star Trek to come across. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to fit in more of Kirk’s boxy captain’s chair. Damn that small piece of paper. Next time I should just draw on my big bristol board, get a more panoramic feel. Anyway, psyched about the new Trek. See you at the movies!

Still working on digital coloring. Here’s a sketch I did of my studio space. It’s really in my bedroom. The sketch was done standing on top of my bed. I have an old architect’s desk. Huge, heavy, nice wood–certainly one of my favorite possessions.

An old drawing I found. I kinda like this one.

Still learning this whole coloring via computer thing. Is the coloring too smooth and shiny? How do you add good textures? Any suggestions? Or suggestions for computer coloring sites?

Thanks to everyone who made it out and everyone who meant to! The night was much fun. Mostly, I was taken by how many people showed. Sitting in front of a computer or drawing table a good deal of the day, I sometimes forget I have friends. It was really cool to see so many peeps that I hadn’t in a long time. There was a steady flow of good company all night, and the gallery, though small, was packed throughout the opening. Though, somewhat frazzled by the crowd, I found myself really barely holding any conversation, mostly in host-mode all night, small light conversation.

I think everyone liked to art, or at least I hope so.

Anyway, the whole thing was a lot of fun. Thanks so much!

So I’m still learning how to computer color. I don’t quite have the hang of it yet, but here’s my latest little diddy. Wondering if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions.


Instead of starting from a black and white image, I used a full color scan. I wanted to see what it was like to keep the paper texture. I don’t know if it helped or not. And then, instead of blocking out color, I threw a bunch of browns and oranges on the buildings and overlaid, color burned and saturated them like crazy. Same with the sky. The thing is, the subtle colors in the paper texture made things uneven. I couldn’t get the sky all blueish, it definitely changes color. And also, Photoshop couldn’t properly merge all those partially transparent burns and overlays. Anyone else have this problem? After flattening, the end result was quite different from the original layered image. Enough so that I had to rethink my approach, and instead of making the background vibrant, I muted it out (which I think is okay because it doesn’t compete with the foreground now. I’m still not sure what I think about it.

Oh, if anyone knows any websites that teaches computer coloring, I’d love the suggestions. Thanks!

So I’m working on JH4…


Now do you see why I’m gushing over Bruegel?

singingintherain.jpgSometimes I sketch old movie posters.

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