CouplandDouglas Coupland was a contributing blogger for the NY Times during August. There’s been some wonderful blogs, one of my favorites being a small rant about writing experimental fiction.

“My existence annoys the hell out of traditional fiction writers. I get all sorts of corny damnations along the lines of, ‘All he’s doing is ruthlessly exploiting experimental fiction just to make truckloads of money.’ Yes, that’s always been my plan all along. Yessiree, there’s no more surefire way of making a living than by exploiting society’s bottomless craving for experimental fiction. I’m sure if you go to any high school career counseling office, at the absolute bottom of a list of 9,472 possible career options, right below morris dancing and poultry sexing, you’ll find experimental fiction writing. My most recent novel features 24 pages of random numbers. Ka-ching! Ka-ching! I was certainly thinking of the jackpot when I put that in.”

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