jh3_cover.jpgSo after a long and arduous production cycle, I’m relieved to finally see Johnny Hiro 3 in stores. Sorry it took a while to get this one out there, I unwisely planned for it to come out around Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Team Hiro kept having to troubleshoot problems with the JH3 files, and given that it was the holidays, getting things done quickly–between work, travel, spending time with family, holiday shopping, etc–became difficult to say the least.

In the end, it finally came together, and now JH3 is at your local comic book store! I hope you like it!

I am about 10-pages into JH4. And though it’s coming together rather quickly, I think I’m gonna slow down on it soon. I’ve promised some time to a couple other projects. Plus, I need some breather time of my own. To do things like figure out a cheaper form of health care, you know, the odds and ends that aren’t as fun as art.

I do hope everyone is having a good day. And rock on with your bad self.