So this seems like a very New York-centric thing to worry about, and being in NYC, I am just as worried with this whole thing.Apparently the mercury levels in Tuna (specifically Bluefin, but other species as well) are a lot higher than the EPA and FDA had previously thought, after testing sushi from 20 Manhattan restaurants and stores. The more expensive the sushi, the higher the mercury levels (mainly because better quality sushi comes from larger fish). The NY Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene found that the levels of mercury in New Yorkers’ blood is three times that of the national average. The demographic that tended to have the highest amounts of mercury were Asian New Yorkers, especially foreign born Chinese. (Not especially good news for me.)

Here is the article: High Mercury Levels Are Found in Tuna Sushi

It was followed up by an article the next day: Warnings Don’t Deter Lovers of Sushi

As well as an editorial: Tuna Troubles

Oh New York. You gotta love it.