May 2008

I recently came across this.

I feel like there’s been a lot of important comic book losses in the past few years. Though Rory may not be as well recognized because he was not a writer or artist, he was just as affecting as anyone in the business.

I grew up in the Bay Area, and after comics disappeared from the local drug stores and 7-11s, I ended up trekking to Berkeley, to Comic Relief, to get my comics. I didn’t know Rory well beyond the occasional conversation. But I knew him in that, well, frankly, he’s pretty unmistakable.

Here’s the little I knew about Rory: His seemingly infinite knowledge and enthusiasm for comics carried that store.

He was always open and easy to talk to. And though my conversations with him were never beyond trite subjects like Chase vs Shade The Changing Man, it helped make his store feel more like a clubhouse of middle-schoolers, like a hangout, especially before a lot comic book retailers started gearing their stores to feel like that. Places like Rocketship and Isotope were few and far between when I was growing up.

As I grew older and started attending conventions, I noticed he attended a good deal of them. I slowly realized he was part of a large comics community I never knew existed. The way he created his store was no accident, and that intention of building a local comics community really came through.

Anyway, there’s been an amazing response for his friends and family, and I would encourage anyone who knew him in whatever capacity to leave a message on the Comic Relief website.

I was reading the Adhouse blog. Chris wrote “Our little universe has just gotten smaller, and it makes me sad.” That feels really true.

Some time ago, the good peoples of Pulp Secret gave a small Johnny Hiro review. They say that “Johnny Hiro #3 is an awesome book–heartwarming, great indie book. Sort of like Pacy, it’s the one you go with in the end.” I’m just flattered that something I made was compared to a Dawson’s Creek character. And I’m kinda being serious.

Remember life before Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise? Those were the good times.