And what an absolutely amazing and exhausting time it was. Here’s a couple pics.

Up high on the Great Wall. Man, this wall just keeps going and going.

We went out to Xian’s Muslim district for some incredibly odd and spicy food. My dad kept drinking, it was great.

This one’s my little sister and her dude at the Longmen Grottos. There were thousands of Buddhas carved in the caves. It was really astounding.

Seeing in Guilin was really a treat, especially after Beijing and Xian. It was like time-traveling to a China we romanticize about. But man, it was brutally hot. Ugh.

Just a pic of Dylan and my little sister at breakfast. Thought it was fun.

I never got a really good pic of a water buffalo. But we saw plenty of them. I got to touch one, it was pretty rad.

I gots some exciting projects in the works. But right now, here’s a video Lin from BushiTales posted of Charly and I. Rock.