January 2009



Happy day, good stuff going on. I just received a couple copies of Matthue Roth‘s paperback version of his young adult book Candy in Action. It’s set to ship in March. I did the illustration and design, and pretty happy with the way it turned out.


Also, finished a new painting today. I’m very happy with this one. It’s been so long since I’d tackled painting, I wish I had more time to make them.


Rock n’ roll. Art is happening, and I’m much happier these days because of it.

Well, I guess it was inevitable–shaved off the mustache. It was fun while it lasted. Here’s possibly the only good pic of me with the mustache. That other schlub is my buddy Scott.


Really, I hoped the ‘stache would have looked more like this:


(This was my first self portrait, done maybe four or five years ago. It’s guache on watercolor paper.)

Scanning pages. This is one of my favorites, from the end of issue 5. I’m happy to say that production is going well; Dylan is graying like crazy and we’re planning to have new comics out this summer.

As for now, as if I didn’t have a billion other things on my plate, I’m gonna be at New York Comic-Con. I’ll be sharing a small table with GB Tran (an amazing comic book artist who does stuff that I would do only much better than I could ever do it) and Jamie Tanner (who came out a couple years ago with The Aviary, a great eerie-and-disturbing-cute-and-fuzzy comic also from Adhouse Books). Stop by, say “Hi!”

Also, I’m gonna be better about the blog this year. I’m gonna lose 10-pounds this year. Actually, you know what? I might as well just copy and paste it. I was reading Dustin Harbin‘s blog and he wrote this wonderful 2009 message. I hope this sentiment carries through a good deal of the year for a lot of us.

From Dustin’s post: Sexy New Year

“2008 was like a prostitute with a wart on her behind.

“If you caught her in the right light, and knew just where to look, she could be a good-looking woman. Sure. But 2008 was still a warty prostitute, after all. Was it circumstance that led her to this sad lot in life? Who cares–she infected us all with her warts. Gross, 2008. Gross.

“But look! Here comes 2009, walking through the meadow with the sun behind her, shining through her gauzy nightgown, so you can almost see the little blonde hairs on her leg. How could you not fall in love with this beauty? Can you not see yourself, with your head in her lap, and her fingers playing with your hair? Maybe she is reading you something, or telling a story from wherever it is she comes from. It doesn’t matter.

“2009 is so beautiful you can hardly stand it. She is the year you can’t stop mentioning to your friends, introducing her to everyone so they know the kind of year you are having. She is not the kind of year that makes you jealous–you know that she will always be your year. But she is so beautiful, and you love her so much, that you can’t help wanting to share her with your friends a little, even if it’s just for drinks once in a while.

“2009 is stretched out before you, arms over her head, half-asleep and smiling, indolent in the grass. You can see in her all the things you have been missing in other years. There is no rush: if you play your cards right, 2009 could easily become 2010, and so on. This could be the year you quit counting.

“Good night and good morning, 2009. I love you and look forward to getting to know you.”

So every once in a while I get a letter or an email in regards to Johnny Hiro; it’s always awesome and I am very grateful for them. It’s so cool that people actually pay attention to my little comic. But over the winter break I received Soren’s own Johnny Hiro comic, which was pretty much the coolest piece of mail I’ve received just about ever. Man, is this good.

Hope everyone is having an awesome 2009. Rock n’ ROLLLL!!!!

For the last few years now, my good friend Nakiesha and I have jumped into the ocean on New Years Day. We’d always been in the San Francisco area for this. Unfortunately this New Year, I was in New York, so we couldn’t do the jump together. Still, I’ve always liked the New Years dip. So I joined up with the Polar Bear Club on Coney Island and ran in with a couple hundred other New Yorkers.


Gah! It was damn colder than I ever expected. I usually last a couple minutes. I’d be surprised if I lasted much more than one this time around. However, as per usual, the worst part was coming out of the water–my fingers and toes more numb than I’d perhaps ever felt.


Still, I’m glad I jumped in. I love that invigorating shock and odd (perhaps delusional) sense of spiritual accomplishment, however fleeting that feeling may be.

Though, to be frank, the coldness of the water did not add weight to the experience. It’s winter, ocean water is cold everywhere, just extremely cold in New York. And I don’t mind a couple degrees warmer, I like being able to stay in the water a bit longer.

Next year: F*ck the East Coast. I’m flying to Hawaii.