For the last few years now, my good friend Nakiesha and I have jumped into the ocean on New Years Day. We’d always been in the San Francisco area for this. Unfortunately this New Year, I was in New York, so we couldn’t do the jump together. Still, I’ve always liked the New Years dip. So I joined up with the Polar Bear Club on Coney Island and ran in with a couple hundred other New Yorkers.


Gah! It was damn colder than I ever expected. I usually last a couple minutes. I’d be surprised if I lasted much more than one this time around. However, as per usual, the worst part was coming out of the water–my fingers and toes more numb than I’d perhaps ever felt.


Still, I’m glad I jumped in. I love that invigorating shock and odd (perhaps delusional) sense of spiritual accomplishment, however fleeting that feeling may be.

Though, to be frank, the coldness of the water did not add weight to the experience. It’s winter, ocean water is cold everywhere, just extremely cold in New York. And I don’t mind a couple degrees warmer, I like being able to stay in the water a bit longer.

Next year: F*ck the East Coast. I’m flying to Hawaii.