March 2009

My friend Hootiger and I have been talking a lot about old comic strips. He’s a Krazy Kat lover, and I’d grown up reading Segar’s Popeye. Popeye’s remained one of my favorite comics, and I’m insanely happy that Fantagraphics has been collecting the strips and publishing them in such a beautiful manner.

Anyway, remembering these comics, we’d been talking a lot about Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse strips. Hoot had recently discovered them and is really enjoying them, I had read them when I was younger and, aside from Popeye, those were probably my favorite of the older strip comics.


Lately I’ve been somewhat obsessed with Mickey, sketching him over and over. Man, what I’d give to do a Mickey Mouse strip comic.


I started a new moleskin a bit ago. I was at a Barnes and Noble and had some free time. These are some of the sketches.


Ike Turner, Jay Z, Sly Stone, Jimmy Cliff, 50 Cent, and Kid Cudi.

Most of these are referenced from older photos recently published a really great little bimonthly journal Waxpoetics. 50 Cent and Jay Z are from random mags.


Here’s a couple random pages from Johnny Hiro #4 an 5, which will be collected in the upcoming trade paperback, due out June. I’m pretty psyched at how the greys turned out, thanks to the wonderful Dylan Babb.


I never seem to get tired of drawing this city.

artforumsketchesSome time ago, I was at a cafe/bookstore wasting time. I was flipping through an issue of Artforum, decided to draw some of the contributors photos.

The good news is that everything ended up fine with the computer. I only lost one thing, a written piece that was fresh enough in my head that I was able to rewrite it. So all is good on that front.

Dylan should be finishing up greytones this weekend for Johnny Hiro # 4 and 5. They look great, she’s getting really good at spotting exactly where greys should go. I’m pretty sure Jesse is a good deal through lettering #5, and he and I went through a really strong edit, so I’m really happy with it all right now. Can’t wait to get it altogether.

Here is the original cover for Johnny Hiro #1. We changed it up because, mainly at the time, I was really really bad at computer color, nor  did I think I could adequately watercolor this pic. Maybe one way I’ll color it just for kicks.


Anyway, week is almost over! Weekend HO!! Have a good one!

Ugh. Odd couple days. Had an amazing weekend, won’t get into it too much. But met some great people and ran into one of my artistic heroes. So I’m flying high, right, and last night my computer just craps out on me. Like, completely won’t work at all. Can’t even turn it on at this point.

I’m not too panicked. I mean, they are able to retrieve info, right? I dunno. Keeping fingers crossed though. Gonna bring my laptop to the Apple store later today. Hoping we didn’t lose the greyscale for the Johnny Hiro trade. That would be disasterous and put us waayy off track. But, again, I’m just trying to stay calm and see what happens after I talk to the Apple people later tonight.

Was a bit frustrated though. Needed to make myself laugh. Made this pic.