The good news is that everything ended up fine with the computer. I only lost one thing, a written piece that was fresh enough in my head that I was able to rewrite it. So all is good on that front.

Dylan should be finishing up greytones this weekend for Johnny Hiro # 4 and 5. They look great, she’s getting really good at spotting exactly where greys should go. I’m pretty sure Jesse is a good deal through lettering #5, and he and I went through a really strong edit, so I’m really happy with it all right now. Can’t wait to get it altogether.

Here is the original cover for Johnny Hiro #1. We changed it up because, mainly at the time, I was really really bad at computer color, nor  did I think I could adequately watercolor this pic. Maybe one way I’ll color it just for kicks.


Anyway, week is almost over! Weekend HO!! Have a good one!