So for the past few years my little sister had been studying anthropology and archaeology. Some time ago she got a job with a good company. One of her first assignments was going to be a dig in Hawaii, but then the economic crisis hit and the job was scrapped.

After however many months, funding for the project came back and my little sister was flown out there to dig. I dunno, I just think that’s pretty cool.


I just gotta say, of all the “business trips” to have in one’s lifetime, this one kicks major butt.

I’ve recently discovered that my little sister is really into petroglyphs–the old pictures carved into rock.


While she was on the island, she had her birthday. For a present, the company she works for sent her to survey the coastline.


Mostly, this was just a cool email to receive, so I thought I’d share it. I remember when she was in her final year of school, and she joined the archaeology club, and they had shirts with silkscreened pics of Indiana Jones with “You call this Archaeology?” written under it. It’s cool when your siblings grow up and find their footing.

She’s back in the continental US now, not digging, but mostly doing office work. And most likely she won’t go to anyplace like Hawaii for work anytime soon. Still, I look forward to whatever else she sends to my inbox.