September 2009


My good friends Patrick and Julie from Charmingwall are starting a new gallery project. It’s called the 6×6 Gallery, where all the pieces are 6 inches by 6 inches. It’s gonna open on Friday, Oct 2nd, from 6 – 8pm. It looks like an amazing gallery with so many different artists, it’s sure to be a fun event. I’ll definitely be there. Here is a pic of my contribution:


I saw a bunch of the other paintings, there are so many wonderful pieces. Katie says there’ll be a small puppet show as well, which is sure to be lots of fun. If you decide to come, say “Hello.”

Also, as if that weren’t enough, afterwards I’ll be celebrating my friend Charlie’s birthday. Charlie is the co-host of the IndieSpinnerRack podcast. He also has a small band called H2Awesome. They’ll be playing at Arlene’s Grocery at 10.


When I was growing up, Busta Rhymes was one of my favorite hip-hop artists. Earlier this summer, he came out with a new album–Back On My B.S. The single, If You Don’t Know, has already become my favorite song to come out in a long time. In my excitement, I drew a pic of Busta from the video. It took me a while to add color to it.


Also, here’s the video. And damn, it’s good.

Man, this year is going by in the blink of an eye; I feel like I don’t have time to prep for anything. Anyway, this upcoming weekend, Sept 26th and 27th, is the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. I’ll be down there with AdHouse Books.


I’m riding down with a wonderful carload of peeps–Charlie and Phil from IndieSpinnerRack, Mr. Wiggles creator Neil Swaab, and one of my favorite comics artists ever GB Tran. Here’s a small pic from GB, and no, this isn’t indicative of his usual comics work.


Also, just finished a commission for Adam Umak of the Half Hour Wasted podcast. It’s the Legion of Doom from the Challenge of the Superfriends cartoon. I managed to squeeze in Superman, Wonder Woman and Robin. It was a fun project.


Also, in early October, I’m gonna be a guest on Comic Book Club Live. It’s a fun show where they often get comics creators and comedians to talk about their projects. It’s hosted by Justin, Alex and Pete–a small crew of improvisers and comic book fans. They also have a vidcast called The Stack, which is a lot of fun. They gave me a short shout-out some time ago when JH was on its 3rd issue.

The show’s happening on October 6th, 8pm at the People’s Improv Theatre. Tickets are only $5. It should be a lot of fun.

So if you’re in Bethesda or NYC for these events, feel free to stop by and say “Hello!” Okay, lots of work today. Coolio.

So I skipped out on Terminator: Rise of the Machines, as well as GI Joe. Except for Star Trek (which I thoroughly enjoyed), I haven’t been up on the big movies this year. I will say though, I am psyched about the Where The Wild Things Are movie. Directed by Spike Jones and written by Spike Jones and Dave Eggers, the movie looks absolutely beautiful.

I couldn’t sleep the other night and ended up with this drawing.


Hope to see you at the movies!


IndieSpinnerRack’s second comics anthology Awesome 2: Awesomer debuted at MoCCA this year but, as Charlie’s a flake sometimes, it took a while to get a small celebration together. A couple weekends ago, Rocketship in Brooklyn held a release party for the book as well as Julia Wertz’s Fart Party.

My good friend Jesse Post, who’s an amazing writer, and I collaborated on a small story for the anthology. We’d been attempting to collaborate on something for years and somehow it never worked out. It felt good to finally be able to do so, here’s a page from our short comic:


The night was a damn lot of fun. Of course the ever-awesome Charlie and Phil were there. I got to talk a good deal with Action Philosopher’s Ryan Dunlavey and Fred Van Lente, and FirstSecond’s lovely Gina Gagliano. Also, a cool small surprise, the gracious and supportive Tim Leong from Comic Foundry (a great comics magazine that went defunct a bit ago, but not because of sales) stopped by.


I spent a good deal of time talking to Abby, who ended up being a good friend of Robert and Georgene Goodin. The Goodins are amazing creators who’ve put out some of my favorite comics and illustrations. Check out Binibus Barnibus or The Suicidal Dog, as well as their sketchbooks and t-shirts. The Goodins are Los Angeles based, I miss those kids a lot.

Afterwards, Charlie, Abby and I went over to the Fringe Festival’s Variety Power Hour where we got to see snippets from a handful of the Fringe shows. The Power Hour was at the building in Soho that FringeNYC operates from. The show was done in the basement, which looked like a converted wine cellar—it was pretty amazing, like the small parts of Manhattan I would love to see more of.

The show was haphazardly fun, and the drinking was nonstop. The event was sponsored by some kind of gin, which I’ve forgotten by now. But the amazing thing was the Stirrings Tonic Water. I mean, I’ll take whatever tonic water with my gin, but this stuff really stood out, not to quaniney and with a slight citrus taste, really crisp. I know, I sound like an ad, and I’m sure it’s one of those expensive tonic waters that I’d normally not buy, but just noting for those into mixers that it was pretty outstanding. Anyway, sorry for that digression.

Eventually, everyone left the Variety Power Hour. Charlie, Abby and I toured the Fringe building, which was incredibly beautiful. Then we just hung out and drank gin & tonics until 5 or so. And eventually, I took the late night subway home. It was a good night of hanging out with the ISR kids.

And honestly, I’d been wondering how Charlie had been doing since he disappeared from NYC. It’s odd, hanging out with someone in a celebratory atmosphere after not seeing him for a long time. As fun as it was, there’s always a part of me that wants to sit down over a quiet coffee and catch up first. And after all comes out, after unloading all that nutty, doubtful, self-deprecating garbage in your head, THEN you get balls to the wall ass drunk.