My good friends Patrick and Julie from Charmingwall are starting a new gallery project. It’s called the 6×6 Gallery, where all the pieces are 6 inches by 6 inches. It’s gonna open on Friday, Oct 2nd, from 6 – 8pm. It looks like an amazing gallery with so many different artists, it’s sure to be a fun event. I’ll definitely be there. Here is a pic of my contribution:


I saw a bunch of the other paintings, there are so many wonderful pieces. Katie says there’ll be a small puppet show as well, which is sure to be lots of fun. If you decide to come, say “Hello.”

Also, as if that weren’t enough, afterwards I’ll be celebrating my friend Charlie’s birthday. Charlie is the co-host of the IndieSpinnerRack podcast. He also has a small band called H2Awesome. They’ll be playing at Arlene’s Grocery at 10.