October 2009

A little while ago I had a huge craving for ice-cream. The thing is, I’m slightly lactose intolerant. Luckily, I’d been hearing about this coconut-milk based ice-cream that Purely Decadent now makes. I walk by the grocery store on the way home, but it’s closed. So I stop into my local bodega. Unfortunately, the bodega’s only got regular ice-cream. I buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Macadamia Nut thinking I’ll just eat a little bit. I end up watching a lot of Benson on Hulu and eat the whole pint. The rest of the night my stomach is aching and my head is pounding. The next morning I wake up still with an achey head.

icecreamA couple days later, I swing the grocery store. I pick up a pint of the Chocolate flavored coconut-milk based ice-cream and eat it in front of some Family Guy. I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days, but once again I eat the whole pint. But MAN, was it good. There was a slight coconut taste, but it was really slight (and I didn’t mind because I like coconut). Mostly it tasted like a semi-dark chocolate ice-cream. Really wonderfully creamy, just like ice-cream rather than sorbet. And is creamier than most Soy based ice-creams I’ve had and certainly better than the Rice Milk based ice-creams. The best part is, no nasty head or stomach aches. Anyone with a hankerin’ for ice-cream but is lactose intolerant, I highly recommend this option. I hope it becomes more popular in the next few years.

I’m visiting San Francisco right now. I picked up a pint of Mango sorbet. It’s been lasting me a few days. Just now I realized that sorbet usually lasts me a couple days. I don’t know why I feel compelled to eat a whole container of ice-cream all at once. I guess it must be the texture. Anyway, again, give the coconut stuff a try, it’s a wonderful ice-cream alternative.


My concentration’s been shot lately and I figured I’d take some time out to write a con wrap-up. So SPX went by really quickly this year, it was kinda nuts. I think the best part was simply the comraderie of the roadtrip. I was picked up around 6am, riding with Charlie and Phil, Neil Swaab, and GB Tran. It was an amazing ride, and despite it being early, we got caught up in fun conversation right away. Charlie recorded some of the conversation and posted it on ISR episode 162.

SPX_adhouseWe arrived at the convention as it was opening and I set up with AdHouse Books. It was a wonderful table, with Lamar Abrams, Josh Cotter, and Chris Pitzer. It would have been nice if Jamie Tanner were there, I feel like I haven’t sat around with him for a bit. But what can you do? Oh, for those interested in Jamie’s work, he’s starting a new project. Check out his Kickstarter site. I’m wicked excited about this whole venture. I’ve tabled a good bit with Lamar at this point and he’s a good dude, I really love his company. I was also incredibly happy to see Josh Cotter again. For those who aren’t familiar, Josh is the writer/artist of my favorite comic book, Skyscrapers Of The Midwest. He just came out with a new book, Driven By Lemons. The copies at SPX sold pretty quickly, I’m wicked excited about this one. Also on the table was James Jean’s Process Recess 3, and coming out very soon from AdHouse will be Afrodisiac from Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca.

Adam Umak of Half Hour Wasted stopped by the table to pick up the Legion of Doom commission I did for him. He really liked it, which made me super happy. And we recorded a mini-interview. Josh Cotter is the second interview.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone likes what I’m doing at all, but then every once in a while there’s a weekend like this and I feel so amazed to be with such good company. I didn’t do too much shopping this year. I’m moving soon and didn’t want to load up on even more books before having to move them. But it was great seeing friends again. For dinner, I met up with Monica Gallagher and Dennis, her legion of Tims, Charlie, Phil, GB, Neil, and Ken Wong. It was a great dinner, but mostly because I was cracking up the whole time at random things Neil had been saying. Neil’s Mr. Wiggles cartoon is pretty great, but really, this dude was nonstop cracking me up every time I hung out with him.

SPX_MonicaWe stopped by the bar for a bit but didn’t stay too long. I spent the night at Monica’s place (that girl is always such a wonderful host). Boston crème donuts for breakfast, and a great car ride with Monica, and back to SPX for day 2. I tabled a good amount of the day but at some point just left and hung out outside. It was pretty freezing in the convention center, and it was so sunny outside.

SPX_wafflehouseSoon enough, another SPX came and went. And we hit the road again. Unfortunately, there were people I wish I was able to hang out with more, Chris Schweizer, Dustin Harbin, and Josh Cotter (who was on the far side of the table from me so I barely spoke to him, oh well, next time). But damn, the roadtrip back was just as wonderful as the way there. Honestly, it’s been a pretty crazy and rough year, and it’s really good to have fun experiences like this. I guess SPX is fastly becoming one of my favorite conventions. I think that might be the last con I’ll be doing for a while. But hopefully there will be other events here and there, I’ll keep posting on this here ol’ blog. All the best.