Today I went to PS116 and spoke to groups of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders about how to make comics! *Whew*, it was definitely exhausting but so much fun. One of the groups got to make their own comics as well, which was pretty cool. Hands down my favorite part of the day was when a girl raised her hand and (without me having mentioned anything about the business of comics) asked, “So what’s an agent do? Does an agent work between you and the printer?” I laughed really loudly and asked, “How do you know about agents?” Her reply was, get this, “I plan on being a writer when I grow up, I need to know these things!” I was literally almost rolling on the floor, she was great. Then, in the simplest and most succinct way I could, I explained the roles of authors, agents, publishers, printers, and distributors. During this, all the other kids were squirming, she was the only one really paying attention. I will say this, if she decides to keep writing, I certainly wouldn’t get in her way.


It was a lot of fun, and props to Amy and Mary for setting the thing up! They seemed really happy with how the whole thing went. And I loved hanging out with the kids.

Some of you know that I’ve been working on a children’s comic for my next project. I’m almost done with it, enough is finished that we’re entering the lettering process, which makes me really happy. Here’s one of my favorite panels:


More will definitely be on it’s way as I get closer to finished. Hope all is well with you!