December 2009

Every year I plan on making something artistic for my family, but there’s always enough to stop me. Often it’s a combination of not enough time and the feeling that whatever I make will kinda suck. Plus, we’d been doing Christmas lists so I know the things that my family wants anyway. I was gonna do all my shopping in the Bay Area because I have access to a car.

This year, right before I was suppose to fly out, a blizzard hit New York, the worst since 2006. I was stuck in NYC until the 23rd, no time to shop in SF. So I went out and it took most of the day just to get the first gift for my little sister. I was exhausted and that night decided to change gears.

I grabbed the paper and brushes I got from China and made some pictures based off of photos taken from our family vacation. I understand now why so many Chinese painters are called “Masters”. Because Chinese paper is impossible to paint on, it’s so thin, like painting on a Brawny paper towel. You’re lucky if you get anything resembling what you want it to look like. Plus, you can pencil but if you erase, the paper rips through pretty quickly.

Anyway, after a couple tries, here are my results:

I’m pretty happy with them. I wish the one of my Mom and Dad turned out a bit better, but what can you do? They really appreciated them, so all went well. And for those curious, I got a handheld blender and new earbuds for my iPod. I’m really happy. Rock.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I guess I’m in a weird mood tonight; I should be getting to bed soon. But I just whipped up a sketch of Opus, Caitlin, and I at Bergen Street Comics. This pic was based off a photo taken at the Johnny Hiro Release Party.

Okay, really should sleep now. ‘Night.

Just found a sketch of my friend Melis. This was done when I was first learning how to use brush. We were at Darwin’s Ltd in Boston, probably 7 years ago at this point. Man, I hate time. Okay, I better stop looking through old stuff now.

A year ago, I went to Tomales Bay with my good friends Scott and Jenne; we had an excellent day eating fresh oysters. We ended up at a cafe and Jenne took a photo of Scott and I. I’d always liked my happy innocent expression verses his scowl. I had a bit of energy tonight so I redrew it.

Sorry I’ve been so bad about posting, this year went by in the blink of an eye. Anyway, hope to see you in the New Year!