August 2010

When I first started learning to use a brush, I did several really bad pics. Recently I found this sketch, one of the first I brush-inked that turned out any good. I added really really quick colors to it just now.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I started surf lessons. I’m getting a lot better, regularly standing up, though I’m in shallow water and mostly surfing whitewater. Still, it’s the thing that I look forward to most at the end of the week–it really levels me out. Last weekend I had a nice little moment. I was coming in on my board and one of the instructors held up his hand. I slapped him five as I rode out the rest of the wave. It’s just one of those small things that really made me feel like I’m progressing. Here’s a fun little pic I made of it:


Adventure writer Davin Coburn is applying for an amazing opportunity. The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is looking for someone to live in the museum for a month and write about it. The application process includes an essay, a resume, and a one-minute video. This past weekend I leant a hand to Davin’s video project. I ended up designing and painting some backgrounds and props, and more importantly, I got to wear a robot costume. Hells yeah, RobotChao. Thanks to director Ballard C. Boyd for making me squeeze into that robot costume, it was a blast.

Oh, and here’s some footage of me shakin’ it in the robot costume:

And here’s the vid:

Good luck, Davin! (Man, I want your life.)

I’ve been going through quite a bit lately, and my head’s been all in a mess. Of course, I’m not gonna get into it here. But I decided I needed to actively take time out for myself. One of the things I did was sign up for a surfing lesson. I stood on a few, but for the most part, I got pretty pummeled. But it was wonderful, and made me feel better almost the whole week. I went for a second time today. The waves were small, but I rode almost all of them to the end. Once I got home, I did a quick sketch.

Not sure if I’m gonna do a third lesson or not. But even two helped so much. Also, I’ve started painting again. These little things really make me feel a lot better, like I’m definitely taking better care of myself. Anyway, gotta call some loved ones. See ya soon.