November 2010

If anyone has HBO, I’d love to know what you think of this Sunday’s season finale episode of Bored To Death. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see it until it’s NetFlix-able. The fun thing is that I might be in a shot or two. There is a scene that takes place at a fake Brooklyn Comic-Con, and they wanted real comic creators and fans there. So there were a couple people invited to be background actors on the day of the shoot. I gotta give a huge props to Dean Haspiel and Bergen Street Comics for letting me know about this–thanks guys, you rock my socks!

While at the fake Comic-Con, I spent a lot of time set up at a table waiting for shots to set up. After a while, I just decided to sketch a bit. Here’re some of the pics:

That third image was done when the actors were on break. The comic artists just stayed down at the fake convention tables. From left to right it’s Emily Flake, Lisa Hanawalt (who’s fastly becoming one of my favorites, she did the I Want You comics), Ryan Dunlavey, and Gabby Schulz (his Monsters book is straight up amazing). They were all wonderful people to hang out with and I hope I see them more.

Also, as a thanks, I did a quick pic of the Bored To Death main characters along with Dean Haspiel and the writer and creator of the show Jonathan Ames. One of the PA’s saw me drawing and asked for a favor. She had a small shot on her iPhone of the whole cast and crew together and asked me to draw them, so I did that sketch as well.

The Bored To Death peeps tried to get some of the sketches from the artists on the site, but unfortunately, they couldn’t due to clearance issues. Oh, television. But the whole experience was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to finally see the episode. I hear John Hodgeman is in it; I love that dude.

Thanks again Bored To Death cast and crew!

Growing up, one of my best friends was Mikey. He was always fun to be around—we’d have beach bonfires, and get ourselves into trouble in all sorts of ways, and he was the kid that took me out surfing for the first time.

As we went off to college, we lost contact. It’s odd, the kinds of things you don’t notice about people. Maybe I missed it because I was young, but thinking about Mikey nowadays, it’s really clear that he’s one of the most good-natured dudes I know, despite his propensity towards mischief.

A couple years ago, we reconnected, though our actual hangout time is incredibly limited. He’s over in Colorado, I’m in NYC, and when we visit our folks, it’s rare that both of us are in the Bay Area at the same time.

He got married a couple years ago. I never made it out to the wedding. I had so many weddings I was already invited to that year, and unfortunately, I decided I couldn’t afford to make it out to his. It’s a decision I still regret, I would have loved to see the thing, all I needed to do was ask my mom for a couple bucks. Oh well, these things happen, live and learn.

I’ve never met his wife Molly, but he’s shown me pictures. She’s absolutely beautiful and seems to make him so damn happy. Molly recently got pregnant, and in her last month, he contacted me about drawing a family portrait. We grew up creating comics together, and he wanted a comic bookish family portrait. Here’s the initial sketch he gave me:

The thing is, oddly enough, I don’t tend to do a lot of imaginative drawing anymore. I know, I make a comic, of course I’m always making things up. But outside of that, more often than not, my drawings are of people and things that I observe from life.

Mikey was supposed to send me references for this pic, but he soon had his kid, a baby boy, and I’m sure he just got stupidly busy. I used this as my excuse not to do the superhero family portrait that he had in mind. Instead, I did this little diddy based on a couple of his Facebook photos:

Mikey’s an amazing carpenter, and we decided to do a trade. I very much realize this one pic won’t be worth what I’m going to ask from him. So over time, I’m gonna do another four of these. Though not all of them will be colored in. Most likely I’ll post them up on this site.

I’ve been reflective lately, but I’ve also been re-evaluating of my own life, and looking at the lives of close friends around me. Drawing this photo gave me so much appreciation, it was odd; that’s not something I usually experience in these kinds of sketches. I guess, making his and Molly’s stupid facial expressions, I kept thinking about how fulfilling things much be for him, and I couldn’t imagine anyone who deserves it more.

New York Comic Con was a couple weekends ago. My friend Charlie LaGreca–who does comics, theatre, podcasts, as well as what seems like a billion other things–organized the totally fun event Rock Comic Con. His band H2Awesome rocked the gig pretty damn hard, along with Kirby Krackle, Adam WarRock and Rachel Bloom. An easel set up by the stage for comic artists to contribute–all pieces will later be auctioned off to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I was invited to draw as well. I started my piece while Seventh Color was onstage. As the beats were goin’ on, I naturally couldn’t stop my booty from shakin’. Hilariously enough, an iPhone caught a bit of my ridiculousness.

Recently, my good friend Nate Gibson recorded a rockabilly/bluegrass album. I was psyched to be able to illustrate and design the CD. Both of us are really happy with the result. I’m eagerly awaiting my copies in the mail.