I’d been swamped with too much work lately and completely forgot to make any Thanksgiving plans. Luckily, my friend Thomas invited me along with his crew; we all rented a cabin in Glen, New Hampshire, just north of North Conway. We all pitched in and made a huge homemade Thanksgiving dinner–turkey, veggie casserole, stuffing, roasted potatoes, mashed yams, brussel sprouts.

The day after Thanksgiving, it snowed. Thomas, Imogen, and I explored the Kancamagus Highway, which runs along a river with lots of waterfalls and vistas along the way. I stuck my hands in the river at multiple points–it was (unsurprisingly) freezing. But still, at one point I was way too overwhelmed and had to go in. My toes were not happy with me. But MAN, it felt good.

There was also lots of downtime–reading, Scrabble, bad romantic comedies, a bit of sketching for me.

Oddly enough, one of my favorite points of the trip was the last night. Everyone was enjoying the warm cabin. I decided to go outside. I ended up laying in the snow, in front of the gazebo. And just laid there, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness, slowly watching the stars, amazed by how many there were. I saw two shooting stars. But mostly, it’d been a while since I’d let the stupid frantic thoughts at the forefront of my brain subside, and let the quieter yet perhaps more important ones make their way up front. It was amazing to recognize how it leveled me out a bit.

Thanksgiving–the whole weekend–was really good. I’d taken a few trips this year, but I’m also a bit more overwhelmed than I’ve been in past years. And just taking a couple days away made so much feel better. I need to remember how important it is for me to get out of the city from time to time.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope yours was grand!