I really enjoyed making presents for my family last year, so I decided to do it again. Unfortunately, the chinese paper I used last year was so hard to work with, I instead did full-color prints for my family.

One of the things my dad got me was these odd chinese skates–just two wheels that buckle onto each side of the heel of your shoes. The kids pitched in to get everyone one night in Monterey as a present to my folks–a mini family vacation. We got in at night, and it was raining like crazy. We went to this restaurant called Fish House; it was absolutely delicious. The next morning we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which was just awesome. After lunch, we packed in the van and went along the beautiful yet incredibly windy 17-mile drive.

On New Years Day, I went with Nakiesha to Limantour Beach in Point Reyes. As we were talking on the drive up, we realized we’d been jumping in the ocean together on New Years for the last eight years. Nuttiness. This beach was fantastic, and though most the Bay Area was rained on all day, the sky was clear at Limontour. The water, though cold, wasn’t nearly as bad as other years. I dunno, just love doing it. Not stopping this tradition anytime soon.

The next day, Scott, Marine, Jenne, and I went up to Tomales Bay to get oysters. This is something Scott and I have been doing for the last four years or so. I’m a sucker for good oysters, and the ones up there are amazing.

Back from California. In NYC now, at the office. But it was a good end to 2010, a good beginning to 2011. Hope it treated you all just as kindly. Happy New Awesome!