April 2011

Got some last minute requests in.

Supershow is in a couple days. I’m gonna be riding down with Phil, Charlie, and GB Tran. GB did this quick little pic of our upcoming trip.

Here’s a couple more commissions for the upcoming Supershow. The Captain America piece is a donation to the Jamie D fund which’ll be raffled off during the convention.

So this post is coming along really late, I know. Sometimes it takes a while for me to do more personal illustrations, and I’ve been falling behind on that. And I don’t like posting without at least one new piece.

Anyway. The end of last year was rough on me, for whatever reasons. I usually love Halloween, but last October, I didn’t have the energy to invest in the celebrations. That same weekend was the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. My friend Opus nudged me to participate in it, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’d had in a while. And at a time I needed it.

I really liked the cause of the rally, that our political climate has gotten so polarized, and that that polarization doesn’t accurately reflect what’s going on with most of the American public.

But also, the rally happened when I personally needed it—when I was frustrated with so much. It came at the perfect time to alleviate a lot of things. The rally was just a wonderful celebration.

My little sister and her boyfrie—*ahem* fiancé decided to fly out for the event as well. So I got to catch up with her, which is always amazing. As I’ve said before, she’s the coolest person I know. We caught up a beforehand, but unfortunately didn’t end up hanging out too much the rest of the night.

The rally itself was wonderful, with some amazing people involved; among them, Kareem Abdul Jabar, John Hodgeman, and the Mythbusters. And a fully functioning R2D2. C’mon! Every boy appreciates this!

So Opus and I party-hopped around that night, ultimately ending up at the bar atop the W Hotel. I’d never been there before, but it was pretty amazing. It looks down onto the White House. And especially after such a rally, it was a pretty inspiring scene. I actually drunk-dialed my mom and told her I loved her.

I so appreciated his friendship, making sure I was okay during that time. Recently, it was his birthday. As a gift, I made this little pic of me, him, and his sister Kate (who was also there with us).

It was a meaningful weekend for so many reasons. For anyone who participated, I hope you had just as fulfilling a time. For those that couldn’t make it, I hope you had just as exciting a Halloween weekend.

Rock rock. Love.