I was outta town for the past month or so, and the one big thing I was bummed about was missing the New York screening of My Heart Is An Idiot.

For over 2 years, David Meiklejohn followed Davy Rothbart with a camera. It was originally intended as a documentary about Davy’s travels across the country working on his Found Magazine project, but the film ended up a completely different monster, instead focusing on Davy’s relationships. I’m wicked excited to see the thing.

I’ve known Davy a while now; we met years ago on the independent publishing circuit. I was part of an independent publishing company (which eventually folded), and he had come out with his first issue of Found, a magazine project he edited. From the get go Found was awesome, but aside from that, Davy’s an amazing writer. Years ago, he put out the short story collection The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas (it has since been republished by Simon & Schuster). And really, it includes two of my favorite stories—the Lone Surfer story and Elena.

Since then, he’s been a part of some amazing projects including corresponding for This American Life, founding Washington II Washington (which brings city kids on a hiking adventure), writing the essay that inspired the Easier With Practice movie, and being part of literary ping pong tournaments. He also edited the Found: Requiem For a Paper Bag project.

As I said, I was bummed that I missed the New York screening. Mostly because it would have been fun to grab a beer afterwards with the dude. We probably see each other once a year, and he’s always fun to catch up with.

Davy’s a good dude with a crazy ass crazy spirit. I really wholeheartedly support the projects he gets involved in. Anyway, I recommend looking on myheartisanidiot.com, seeing if there’s a nearby screening. If there is, check out the flick. I’m sure it’ll be a good ride.