In early May, I took a bit of a vacation from NYC. The first leg of my trip was from New York to Boston. As I’m getting on the plane, passing through first class, I swear I see LL Cool J. I didn’t say anything at the time. When I finally landed at my final destination, I did a tiny write-up on Facebook, letting my friends know I’d be gone for a bit, but I also asked if anyone had any clue as to LL’s whereabouts that day. My friend Jess responded.

The article is no longer up, but it was basically about how he was in Boston as a Keynote Speaker for NorthEastern University. So yeah, kinda fun knowing I passed by LL. (Not as cool as the time I bumped into Chuck D while I had my Chuck D Yo MTV Raps card on me, but that’s another story.) Anyway, for you LL fans out there, here’s a quick pic:

You know, I remember when Johnny Hiro came out, and there were people who asked why I decided to have celebrity cameos. I guess I didn’t think of them too much as cameos. I’d like to think that, within the humor of the story, I did treat them as people with their own lives, their own concerns, and that they were important to the story. But now, thinking about LL, I also realize I’ve had a fair amount of celebrity run-ins. And maybe part of the comic is my own life making its way onto the page.