September 2011

Cleaning my room, I found an old sketchbook and did a quick flip through. Here’s one of the first Ali pictures I did, I think back in 2008.

In the few times I’ve been asked about influences, I usually end up talking about hip-hop. And though hip-hop culture has meant a lot to me, it certainly wasn’t the first music that hooked me.

The first band I ever really liked was Huey Lewis and The News; it probably had to do with watching Back To The Future. I think Sports was the first cassette tape I ever asked Mom to buy for me.

Very soon after, I discovered The Cars. I remember being blown away every time MTV played the You Might Think video—brilliant still. I had Mom buy me all their cassettes.

So here’s the awesome news: The Cars released a new album! It’s called Move Like This. And here’s the more awesome news: It sounds just like The Cars! Yeah! It totally could have been made in the ‘80s. I recently got the CD, and re-bought The Cars Greatest Hits as well. Anyways, for those Cars fans out there, I can’t recommend it enough.

I’ve also been loving Ric Ocasek on The Colbert Report. If you go to the Colbert Nation website, you can search Ric Ocasek and come up with some wonderfully fun interviews, performances, and bits.

While on this Cars kick, I finished up this stupid comic I started some time ago. It’s called 3am.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Oh, sidenote: The Greatest Hits album didn’t include the You Are The Girl song. If anyone has it, I’d love a copy (I’m lookin’ at you, Hopkins). Rock n’ roll, kids! Rock and roll.

Based on a photo taken a couple weeks back at a Bergen Street party.