January 2012

Jon Adams writes and draws a comic called Truth Serum. Nuttily enough, his comic has been around for 10 years! For this 10th Anniversary, Jon asked some cartoonists to draw his characters; I got Eagle Man.

One of my favorite cartoonists, Rob Goodin, also contributed to the drawings, as well as Dustin Harbin, Sean Murphy, and a bunch of others. Check out the other sketches at City Cyclops.


Some time ago I started listening to the WTF podcast with Marc Maron—it deals with the lives of comedians, a bit about how they approach comedy, but more so just their lives. The first one I heard was the Dave Foley episode, and quickly found myself hooked. More recently, there was a wonderful Chris Rock episode. Though I love Rock’s TV projects, I’d never been a huge fan of his stand-up, but I’m definitely gonna re-explore it now.

I do like how this is more than a forum for comedians to joke with each other. A lot open up to Maron’s personal questions, others fight against his prodding nature. Either way, the comedians talk with a revealing nature instead of a stage persona.

I was sick recently, found myself listening to the podcast, and drew this pic.

Jen commissioned a piece for her upcoming wedding. Normally, I would have done a simple scene of the couple. But she kept saying stuff like, “We like dirigibles and puppies and alpacas and parachutes…” which made it obvious she wanted something wackier. Here’s the nuttiness we ended up with:

Happy wedding, Jen! Hope you make it out in one piece.

My little sister’s work schedule was hectic, and she wasn’t able to make it home for the holidays. So after the New Year, I went to visit her… IN MAUI. Yup, she’s digging in Hawaii again. Here are a few pics.

I got in at night, so the first night we just hung out a bit and went for dinner at Star Noodle. They had a tuna avocado dish that was probably the best tuna I’ve ever had.

The next day, she had to work, so I headed down to a small beach and rented a board. The waves were wonderful, I caught every one I went for (a huge rarity for me). I also explored some other beaches.

The second day, I drove The Road to Hana. It was insanely beautiful. So many waterfalls, I jumped into as many as I could.

Surfed the morning of the third day. Then, luckily, it rained, and my little sister got the day off work, so we actually got to hang out! In the afternoon, it stopped raining and we went up near the site she digs at. It was fun to see a bit of her work-life.

We also got to stop by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen park. It’s a small park, but pretty nice. Though all the land all around it is owned by Oprah.

Hope the holidays treated you awesomely! Well, I guess I gotta get back to work now. *sigh*

Finally added colors to this old sketch.

This is a little late of a post, but some time ago, my little sister got married! Here are some pics.

And of course, I had to do a sketch of those two nitwits.