February 2012

Quick sketch done at Joyce Bakeshop.

Some days, Busta just makes you feel better.

One of my favorite Busta Rhymes songs in recent years is Don’t Touch Me (Throw da Water on ‘em).  It came out as a single alongside the Back On My B.S. album, which also had the If You Don’t Know single (I loved that one as well).

You’d think that after a billion listens, I’d finally get sick of this one. Still, it does make me happier, makes my booty shake. I’ve been watching the video a lot lately. I mean, come on, it’s a pretty badass hype song.

Anyway, here are two drawings. I know, it’s silly. I just can’t help it.

Outside Karma Road Cafe in New Paltz on a rock climbing trip with Thomas, Krista, and Meredith.