March 2012

Some old sketches I finally added colors to.

Each year, Swanson Studio has their 20/2 show—20 experimental photos in two months. This year, they wanted to work a bit with illustration. I was really happy to have been contacted for this little experiment.

Unfortunately, deadline was really tight for this. Right after a photo shoot, they sent me a couple photos of puppeteer Geahk Burchill, asked which one I’d like to work with. I chose this one.

They gave a quick retouch to it, added a lot of mood and atmosphere. The hi-res file I got to work with looked like this.

The final print was to be included in a small book at 10″ x 20″, which means the photo needed to be extended. Luckily, the photo trailed off into darkness, which provided a lot of mood to work with. Here’s the pic with the illustration I added.

I sent it back to Swanson for a last bit of retouching, as well as extending certain parts of the photo. Here’s the final result.

I’m pretty happy with it. I’m actually kinda amazed to have a result I’m happy with, given such a tight deadline. (It was done in, like, a week and a half. And during that time, my regular design gig life was hectic as well.)

So they did a large final print for their show. Here’s a pic they sent as they were hanging up the piece. Rock rock!

Check out more of Swanson Studio photos at and Their sports photography is amazing.

Thanks to Sean for taking the photo and working with me on it. And Katie for being awesome!

My little sister sent me this little pic–it’s what she does during her work days in Hawaii. Yup, she’s pretty awesome.