Ethan wanted to do a small bit of animation with Johnny Hiro. We talked a good deal about what I wanted, and he seemed pretty confident he could do it. I felt pretty confident it would take a lot of time and kick our butts, as we were just a couple kids, we had no bigger crew.

Back in March, I got way drunk on my birthday. I had a work-from-home day the following day, but unfortunately, I didn’t really get up until the afternoon, and I knew I couldn’t fit in a full day’s work. So I called up Ballard. We went out and shot a little bit of footage.

I sketched out Johnny Hiro’s run out for Ethan. Cartoons, of course, are generally exaggerated, and because of that, we knew we couldn’t base movements on actual people. Here’s the first bit of sketching:

From that, we were able to put a skeltest together.

Soon, we flushed out the trip, run, and fish.

We spent the last few months with every bit of extra time going to this 40-second project, which, though short, I’m really proud of considering it was just a three-person job. Here’s what we ended up with:

I can’t thank Ethan enough for this project–we really kicked his butt on this one. Plus, he composed the music, which I think is bad-ass. If you like this, just do me a quick favor and check out his site:

And incredible thanks to Ballard as well. His site is

Good dudes to have my back. Now I’m tired. Now I get to work on other stuff.

Rock on, doggs.