I’ve always had a love for modern/post-modern/contemporary art. It’s odd, because most of the stuff I create is pretty representational. I don’t get too abstract, expressionist, or conceptualist with what I do personally, though it is the stuff I tend to be most moved by. So yeah, I’m a sucker for Warhol and Basquiat, Sol LeWitt, and very much for Franz Kline. And absolutely, to a stupid degree, I have a love for Julian Schnabel‘s work. I like his post-modern/contemporary work of the 90’s and nowadays over the oddly-representational plate paintings of the 80’s he got known for, or even his portraits of today. (Though, heh, I do like his contemporary portraits as well. What can I say? He’s got me.)

Anyway, I had started a painting sometime last year. It’s based off a photograph Schnabel had taken–a self-portrait in front of one of his own paintings, Large Girl with No Eyes. I stopped working on it last November, and it sat in my room unfinished. I got busy with other stuff, learned to ignore it. I recently noticed it again, and over the last couple nights, worked at it.

Glad it’s finally done. Now I gotta get to some of the other unfinished canvases.