October 2012

Flavorwire recently asked a handful of comic writers and artists about comics that should be made into cartoons. And really, if I answered full-on honestly, it would have been a complete remake of Popeye, following the strips exactly. I really do think E.C. Segar was amazing. But the cartoons, they were good as well, so I went with something else. Though I did answer with a similar approach.

Here’s my two cents: http://www.flavorwire.com/334696/comic-book-characters-who-should-have-their-own-tv-show?all=1

Hey! So I decided to bring the Rainy Day Robot project to Kickstarter. I’m hoping to raise $5,000 to do a print run of the book. I would be so so grateful for any support you might offer. Here’s the link to the Kickstarter project. Check it out, see if it’s something you might want to help out with.


I’ll be posting the rest of the pages up sometime later this month. Thanks again!

Here’s part 2–finally!

Hope you’re liking this; will be back with Part 3 soonish–promise.