November 2012

I gotta say, thank you SO incredibly much for helping me fund this project. Now I gotta get my butt in gear and put this thing out so you all have something fun to read! Pressure’s on.

I’ll be producing the postcards soon, as well as the finished PDF for Alison and her Rainy Day Robot. I’m hoping to get all those off mid-to-late December.

Then in January, I’ll be starting production on the book. I’m hoping to have those done and ready to mail out in March or April. Those books will be mailed out with orders for original pages and prints.

As for right now, my life is slowly being boxed up. I’m moving out of Brooklyn, headed to the Bay Area. In less than a week, Mom and I will be driving across country together.

I’ll do another update once I get to the Bay Area. As for now, here’s an unfinished pic of the back cover. Gotta add some shading and some raindrops.

The Rainy Day Robot Kickstarter project is in it’s last day! I’d very much appreciate any last-minute pledges.

Though most of the illustrations were done before I started this kickstarter, there are still a couple I need to finish up. One is the cover pic. Well, I finally started it. I’ll scan it in and add colors next week, when I have access to the nice scanner. But I really liked it. Here’s the pic; hope you like!

So on the Rainy Day Robot Kickstarter project, if you pledge $10 or above, one of the things you receive is an 8×10 print. Just finished it last night.

Ohwait! I found some images I prepped a while ago. Okay, here’s more pages. There are a couple small text changes that have been made since these files were made, but you get the idea. Anyway, hope all is well!

Hey. Sorry I’ve been so absent from blogging. Between Hurricane Sandy and elections and a whole slew of work stuff I had to deal with, a lot has been falling behind. Plus, at the end of the month, I’ll be moving across country. Everything’s been completely nuts, and none of it has been easy. And my personally creative work has fallen behind some. But I hope to catch up in a bit.

I did just finish two of the Alison and her Rainy Day Robot postcards. Here they are! These are some of the postcards included in donations for the Kickstarter project. I hope you like them!

I should be posting the rest of the comic pages soon, just gotta ready the files.

I’m excited about getting a bit of a breather in December, and really hitting the Alison project then, turning the thing into an actual book!

The Kickstarter project just has a little bit longer to go before things close, so I’d very much appreciate if anyone spreads the word about it in this last week—via Twitter, Facebook, blogs or whatever. Any bit of funding helps me get a bit more creative and make a couple extra things.

Thanks so much! Take care, all the best!

My little sister made a full bear costume for me a couple years ago. That year, Opus went as Cookie Monster and I went as a bear. Unfortunately, the costume fell apart after a while. This year, I’d been way busy and didn’t have time to prep anything, so I just cut the head part off the rest of the bear costume. Opus had a costume he was waiting for in the mail, but it never arrived. So he went with the Cookie Monster he had from a couple years back. Yeah, repeat costumes. Whatevs, it’s a good combo.

We went to a ’90s party–lots of Bel Biv Devoe and Boyz II Men (rock!), but alas, I didn’t see anyone dressed as Kelli Kapowski. And the few photos we took were, of course, way grainy. So here’s a sketch I did from one of those photos.

A bit late but Happy Halloween!