I gotta say, thank you SO incredibly much for helping me fund this project. Now I gotta get my butt in gear and put this thing out so you all have something fun to read! Pressure’s on.

I’ll be producing the postcards soon, as well as the finished PDF for Alison and her Rainy Day Robot. I’m hoping to get all those off mid-to-late December.

Then in January, I’ll be starting production on the book. I’m hoping to have those done and ready to mail out in March or April. Those books will be mailed out with orders for original pages and prints.

As for right now, my life is slowly being boxed up. I’m moving out of Brooklyn, headed to the Bay Area. In less than a week, Mom and I will be driving across country together.

I’ll do another update once I get to the Bay Area. As for now, here’s an unfinished pic of the back cover. Gotta add some shading and some raindrops.