Hey everyone! So I’ve made it to the Bay Area. It’s really odd being outta Brooklyn—that place really has been my home for the past 7 years or so. Anyway, getting back to work on Rainy Day Robot along with some other stuff.

For everyone that’s pledged over $5, could you send me your address? I printed up the postcards to be sent your way. I don’t have the full book PDF ready yet, there are a lot more small tweaks than I expected. Still, I’m hoping it won’t take way too long.

I’ve contacted most of those that pledged over $150, asking preferences for original pages. There were a couple of you that I emailed, that never responded. If you see this post and realize you’re one of those pledgers, could you send me an email?

Thanks again! It’s gonna be a bit before the book can come out, but I am working a good deal on it. Will post again before too long!

Oh, and here’s the cover!