December 2013

Their Heist album shook my butt a good deal this year. Thought I’d do a little drawing.


Cleaning out stuff, I found a Nien Nunb action figure. Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of the original Star Wars toys, it was one of the late 90s toys where everyone was a bit too muscular. Oh well. At least it inspired me to do another small Star Wars drawing.


My friend Matthue recently came out with a children’s book–My First Kafka. It’s a retelling of a couple Franz Kafka stories, including The Metamorphosis, for kids. It’s wonderfully spooky and lyrical, and the illustrations fit the story perfectly. Here’s a fun review of it.

Some time ago, I found some blank 4×6 watercolor postcards. I didn’t have too many left, and have posted most of them on the site already. Anyway, here’s one I did of Matthue.


I’m not much of a Christmas movie guy. Not that I don’t like them, there are plenty that I go for. But none of them compare to my favorite Thanksgiving movie–Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. So most Christmas movies seem uneventful after the awesomeness of Steve Martin and John Candy.

But this year, right after Thanksgiving, all the Star Wars movies played. Man, I couldn’t stop watching. It was kinda cool, just watching in wonder like a kid. And I had to draw a Star Wars pic.


Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. And remember, if you can’t get a reading on the shield generator… IT’S A TRAP!