about1.jpgHey, I’m Fred Chao. I am a Brooklyn-based freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I also write and draw the comic book Johnny Hiro {Half Asian, All Hero}.

I try and update about the various projects I’m working on via this blog, as well as posting about random snippets of my life. I hope, whatever this blog is, it’s a bit entertaining.

My regular website is still up and running at www.fredchao.com.

Please feel free to contact me about possible projects or whatever else. And thanks so much for stopping by!

8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. love your stuff man. just read “lobster run” in Best American Comics 2010. very cool.

    1. robotchao Says:

      Tom, dude; thanks so much! So glad you like the story, man.

  2. malikcaines Says:

    Yo your book is cool i never read a book without puting it down. Lobster run is so exciting.i love when you put them in court with judge Judy I also like when you put the monster in the story and it went to sleep. that was cravy. Ilike when you you make Hiro run in his girlfriend sleepers just so he can save her. I like when you put the team togther to defeat the monster

    1. robotchao Says:

      Ha! That’s awesome, dude. So glad you were lovin’ it! I really appreciate you taking the time out to email. Thanks, dogg!

  3. tantrawave Says:

    Hi I was just introduced to Johnny Hiro today. It was synchronistic, and wonderful. Thank you for your work!

    1. robotchao Says:

      Dude, thanks so much for taking the time out to let me know! I really appreciate it. Rock.

  4. Jerry Dear Says:

    Cool, playful graphic novel that blends elements of anime, a dose of magical realism, and pure fantasy fun. Wish you were still here on the west coast as I’m currently doing some research on Asian American graphic novelists. Johnny Hiro rocks!

    1. robotchao Says:

      Much much appreciated, dude.

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