Muhammad Ali


Cleaning my room, I found an old sketchbook and did a quick flip through. Here’s one of the first Ali pictures I did, I think back in 2008.

Some time ago I started drawing some pics of Muhammad Ali. I really enjoyed the process, I wrote a tiny blog post about it about this time last year. This last month, I took the time out to add greytones to a good handful of them. It took me a long time, but for the most part, I like the way they turned out. I think I’ve done a good amount of Ali illustration at this point, chilled my head out, and will probably return to some comics makin’ soon.

Aight, dudes and dudettes. Hope you like!

Some time ago, to gain some sanity, I took a hiatus from drawing comics and started drawing pics of one of my heroes–Muhammad Ali. I kept going and going. I’ll slowly be posting these up during the year. I’ve pencilled a good number at this point, though I’ve only inked a few of them. The good thing is, though they kind of start off odd, I feel, for the most part, they get stronger. I hope to add greyscales to them one day in the far future. Anyway, I think this has become a slow ongoing project for me. I hope you like.

ali.jpgA painting I recently finished.