Alison and Her Rainy Day Robot: A children’s comic book, which you can read on the Alison and Her Robot site. There’s also a webcomic there. Poke around, hopefully you’ll find something fun.

Johnny Hiro {Half Asian, All Hero}: My first graphic novel, which took too long to draw, which I hope very much  to continue one day.

Johnny Hiro {The Skills to Pay the Bills}: A follow-up to Half Asian, All Hero. Heh, gotta admit, I do love dealing with these characters.

Found: Requeim For A Paper Bag: I contributed a short piece for this collection, it’s one of my favorite comics I’ve made, and I hope to tell more personal stories like this one. Also, some of my favorite writers are included in this anthology as well, which is pretty kick-ass.

The Best American Comics 2010: Edited by Neil Gaiman, the Lobster Run story from Johnny Hiro was included in this wonderful anthology.

Awesome: Charlie and Phil of IndieSpinnerRack edit an indie comics anthology. I contributed a short piece about oppression and the spirit of New York told through rock mantras. It was pretty stupid fun.

Awesome 2: Awesomer: I got to collaborate with Jesse Post, a good friend and one of my favorite comics writers. We tell a short non-fiction story about an attempted POW escape from the Colditz Castle prison in Germany.

Secret Identities 2: Shattered: I have a small personal piece in this comics anthology.

Prints and Commissions: If you are interested in having me do an original piece, or if you are interested in getting a print of anything you see on this website, just email me.

2 Responses to “Purchase”

  1. James Unger Says:

    I love your comic sketches, you’re very talkented. I saw the one you did on Molly Leonhardt Plann’s Facebook page. How do I get one of my family and what will it cost me?

    1. robotchao Says:

      Hey James! Glad you like that sketch of Mike and Molly. It’s one of my favorites of my friends.

      I’d gladly do one of you and your fam. Email me at my personal email and we’ll talk about prices.

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