So I had this dream a bit ago, and decided to do a quick strip of it. If you want to check out a bit more comic strip stuff, this one along with some others are posted at




“Um, Mr. Skywalker, sir? I hate to interrupt, but I have to say, we would prefer to be referred to as Tusken Raiders as we find the term Sand People quite derogatory.”

For whatever reason, I was thinking about how you never see a happy Wolverine. There’s so much drama in his life, between his desire for the already married and often dead Jean Grey, his long time rivalry with the generously maned fellow Weapon X soldier Sabretooth, and his general responsibility of saving the world from the evils of Magneto or Apocalypse or Mojo, you never see Wolverine smile. From time you time, he’s let out a knowing smirk, but rarely is there just, well, happiness. I thought it might be nice to see him smiling, without the weight of history or responsibility, just in a moment of joy. So I gave him a generous scoop of his favorite flavor of ice-cream.


I’ve drawn a Mon Calamari. I guess now it’s time to draw a Quarren. MAN, I was obsessed with Return of the Jedi when it first came out. I knew all these names of background characters and species. First movie I ever saw.




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