Here’s a Sunday comic. You can check out more at or



I know, I know–I so rarely post on this blog anymore. My bad. But I’m finally getting back on it again.

Here’s the project I’m starting. It’s the characters from my Alison and her Rainy Day Robot children’s book. But it takes the characters and puts them in a comic strip. It’s called Alison and her Rock Awesome Robot. I’m hoping to release these strips Monday thru Friday for about a year.

Here’s a small handful of strips.


I’m posting these comics daily through But I’ll also be posting them through, so if you like these, I’d very much appreciate any patreon support you might be willing to lend, as a daily comic ain’t an easy thing to do.

I hope all is good on your end. Talk soon!

Liked Regular Show quite a bit. Just thought I’d do a little pic.





What can I say? I like drawing fish.


I always preferred Steve Martin’s banjo playing to Kermit’s.wildandcrazy